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It is worth using the help of a personal trainer


It is possible to repair the car yourself. However, without the proper knowledge and tools, it will take a long time and can bring annoyance and moments of doubt. 

As a trainer with many years of experience in strength sports, I have knowledge of human anatomy, dietetics and supplementation. This is confirmed by training certificates and the MSc degree. obtained at the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław.

What are the What are the like?

We start work from scratch

improve range of motion, mobility and body awareness.


This gives us the basis for sports development

while taking care of your health.


We select exercises depending on the needs.

from typical strength, to kettlebell training and TRX tapes.


Offer and price list

Individual training

Personal trainings, during which we work one-by-one at the gym.

Couple workout

Let's get some motivation from training with best friend or the loved one!
It is great way to spend time together, and get to know better.

Online training plans

Online collaboration that allow you to work with me from anywhere.

Gift voucher

Now you can make an outstanding gift, offering health and habit change!

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Track events, lean about activities and get vacation tips for your stay with us.

Ask me about possible training times and dates.

The place of training is in the center of Wrocław - the Fitness Academy club in Galeria Dominikańska, or the FA club in Galeria Borek. Other Fitness Academy clubs can be agreed individually.